Ventilation Units


The experience gained over the years in collaboration with some of the leading manufacturers of gravure and flexo graphic machines enables us to offer advanced technical solutions. Our products are designed to satisfy all requirements and are designed by the use of 2D and 3D programs to ensure maximum accuracy.

The materials used meet all safety standards: carbon steel for support structures, carbon steel or stainless steel for the channels and fans, explosion-proof versions. The air regulating systems are controlled by electric or pneumatic actuators arranged to be connected to a PLC.

The air heating can be achieved by batteries diathermic oil, steam or electrical and through the use of gas burners.

ACOVENT is also able to carry out work on existing plants with revisions and revamping solutions.

Our principal Clients:

  • Uteco Spa
  • Guzzetti Spa
  • Comexi Spa
  • Bobst Group Spa
  • Polytype Converting SA - Fribourg -
  • Schiavi Spa
  • Cerutti Spa