Dampers regulate the volume of the flow of the radial fans to adapt them at the different conditions of use of a plant. The alteration of the flow with the help of a damper is a method of control both from a monetary point of view, both from the energy saving point of view. Our supply includes simple and rolling shutters wing. The standard dampers can be applied for use up to 200 ° C. The shutters made of special materials can be supplied on request. All dampers can operate with a hand lever as well as with an actuator. The actuators may be electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic, depending on the request.


The dampers can be mounted on the inlet or discharge. If mounted in the inlet, there must be sufficient space between the damper and the fan to ensure a constant flow to the impeller. If it is instead mounted directly input, it can be used only as a damper starter. Assuming that this is directly connected to the discharge outlet, the position of the axis of rotation needs to be observed.


These dampers can be directly mounted on the discharge or in any other place within the plant. If directly mounted on the discharge position, the position of the axis of rotation needs to be observed.

The reduction of the flow from the damper is the simplest method to be applied, even if it involves higher load losses. The pressure losses correspond to the size of the angle of the damper blades.