Range of Production

CTT - CTMR Series

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The fans of the CTT - CTMR series are centrifugal fans with radial blades (with or without cone) specially designed for conveying air or gas containing powders, granular materials and long fibers. These fans find their main application in the dust suppression equipment, for fumes aspiration or acid vapors. What distinguishes the CTT series - CTMR is the possibility to mount three different types of impeller in a single spiral thus reaching the highest levels of standardization and functionality. One of the main features of these series is the robust construction with strong electro performed appropriately reinforced metal sheets that ensure minimum noise and the absence of vibrations and pulsations.

The series of CTT - CTMR fans are built in 24 sizes with impeller from 400mm to 2500mm in diameter. All fans are buil in fixed execution. From size "1600" onwards, the fans are supplied with case divided to allow the transport. The impellers are statically and dynamically balanced with electronic equipment in compliance with ISO N.1940 Class G = 2.5.