Axial Flow Fans

MVC 013F2

As part of a strategic decision addressed to a greater diversification of production, ACOVENT has developed a complete series of axial fans, to cover the most different requirements of the market.

These axial fans can for example be used in the following fields:

  • Evaporative cooling towers; 
  • Industrial ventilation systems;
  • Naval ventilation;
  • Ventilation of tunnels, roads and railway tunnels;
  •  Ventilation of undergrounds;
  • Wind tunnels for aerodynamic testing.


The production of "MH Acovent" axial fans  offers diameters from 710 mm to 4300 mm for use with medium-heavy performance and is based on very strict specifications and a careful planning is part of the aerodynamics and both the structural one.
The blades are made of extruded aluminum with high resistance to corrosion. These have a wing profile stationary variable pitch and cover a wide performance range.
The hub is made of carbon steel plate and, on request, aluminum or stainless steel. All steel parts are protected with zinc plating.

The operating temperature of these impellers are:

  •      standard serie    -20° / +150° C
  •      special serie       -50° / +150° C


Axial fans directly coupled

The normal production of directly coupled fans, with fan fitted directly on the motor shaft, is built in the basic diameters between 700 mm and 2150 mm. The performance of these groups are a function of the performance of the impellers used.
Housing coffers of impellers are costitute from mild steel sheet metal cylinder with flanged ends. The engine support, also made of mild steel sheet, is fixed to the cylinder by welding (on request can be bolted). The flange can be formed by means of the cylinder double surround or by welding.
The standard surface's finish treatment consists of painting. Other treatments are available on request.

They are manufactured in two basic versions: 

  • short box "C" which is only housed the impeller while the engine protrudes outside the chest. 
  • long box "L" in which are accommodated the impeller is that the engine and its support bracket.

Both versions can be completed with different accessories to complete the installation. Optional boxes are available with different materials such as special steels for low or high temperature (-50 ° C /> 150 ° C), Corten steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Fans are also available with configuration and testing for naval applications built according to specific RINA and/or other European regulatory agencies.

Axial Fans transmission

If due to the high temperatures of the fluid to be transported is necessary to mount the motor outside of the case or to reduce the rotation of the fan's speed is necessary to use a reduction or gearing systems; fans are available with belt transmission (trapezoidal or toothed) and/or reduction gears in which the engine is mounted axially offset with respect to the fan and in gender exterior of the case.

The standard range of this type of ventilator comprises the normalized diameters from 710 mm to 2150 mm with V-belt drive for all the possible variants of engines and fans installed. They are also supplied to customer specification impellers up to a diameter of 5000 mm.
The cases are manufactured in a manner analogous to those of the directly-coupled fans. The fan holder shaft may be constituted by monobloc or to shaft with design of appropriate size support bearings to support the imposed loads.
The standard surface protection is coated but, on request, shall be used other types of protection.
These fans are available with the double flange build chest and with all available series of accessories for fans directly coupled.
Larger fans, so far as not normalized, are still supplied to customer specifications from us.
In addition to the standard specification fans, ACOVENT can provide fans with specially designed configurations for customers.


For all the axial fans is available a complete range of accessories:

  • External terminal box;
  • Safety grid (fan and motor side); 
  • Support brackets
  • Rubber isolations ;  
  • Flexible couplings;  
  • Tapered or rounded inlets;  
  • Casing  
  • Silencers  
  • Counterflanges   


ACOVENT products are designed and manufactured according to the Quality Assurance procedures for ensuring the compliance of the performance of materials and methods of manufacture and control the specifications indicated on the drawings and/or national and international standards.
On request they can be supplied certificates of the materials used and certificates of various control operations performed.