Industrial Centrifugal Fans


Today ACOVENT extends its production by offering a wide range of types of fans.

The importance of the growth of these types of fans has resulted in the industrial sector a continuous technical evolution to which ACOVENT is perfectly adapted.
After years of experience around the world, our Company is able to meet the demands of the Customer with the confidence to propose the most efficient and economical solutions.

Our production, in addition to the normal construction in carbon steel and Corten, offers a wide range of productions "customer-oriented" as:

  • Impellers and casing ebonite fans;
  • Stainless steel execution AISI 304, 316, 321, Duplex steels, corrosion resistant steels;
  • Fans suitable to be used at low temperatures (up to - 50 ° C) and at high temperatures (up to 800 ° C);
  • Fans made entirely with anti-wear materials.

The high level of fans' quality requires defined procedures involving all the processes of design, construction and testing.
As regards the materials, especially for the impellers, ACOVENT uses high strength materials. The impellers and boxes calculations are performed with analysis tools to define the correct sizing.
Modern CAD systems and design software are continuously update in order to always have the best design solutions.