Range of Production

CTC - NFR - NFL Series


The fans of the CTC series - NFR - NFL are centrifugal fans with backward curved blades (CTC) or backward flat (NFR-NFL) medium pressure both simple and double inlet specially designed for conveying clean or slightly dusty air with flow rates up to 1,000,000 m3/h and a pressure up to 8,000 Pa. These fans find their main application as pneumatic conveying, air curtains, liquid agitators and cooling or glass tempering. What distinguishes the CTC series is the possibility to mount 2 different types of impeller, standard or self-cleaning depending on the amount of dust present in the fluid on one spiral thus reaching the highest levels of standardization and functionality. One of the main features of these series is the robust construction with strong electro performed appropriately reinforced metal sheets that ensure minimum noise and the absence of vibrations and pulsations.

The fans of the CTC series - NFR - NFL are built in 19 sizes with impellers from 400 mm to 2500 mm in diameter, the size 1600 onwards, the fans are supplied with case divided into two or more parts to be able to effect the transport. The impellers are statically and dynamically balanced with electronic equipment in compliance with ISO N.1940 Class G = 2.5.