Dust Suppression System


ACOVENT suppression equipment systems are designed for the removal of airborne dust
in environments in which it is necessary to contain the emission of dust into the atmosphere.
The principle of operation is based on a finely atomized jet of water transported at a distance from one generated by a fan jet of air.
The drops of water tend to pick up along their trajectory the solid powder particles in suspension and to make them fall to the ground by gravity.
Note the type to be covered by the "fog" area you choose the optimal type of nozzle can generate droplets that "effectively covering" of the contaminating particles.
The diameter of the droplets is chosen depending on the grain size of the powder to break down. The droplets emitted by the nozzles are created to have a precise size in order to facilitate the uptake of the powder particles.

The humidification which is obtained with these drops of water, of dimensions of the order of microns, allows the deposit of the coating only on the surface layer creating a protective film that inhibits the transport of the powder.
At the base of the suppression systems, ACOVENT has performed an in-depth study of the theory of air jets which expand in isobaric environment as well as careful study of fluid dynamics and mechanical design of the system.
At the suppression system it can be integrated a weather system for detecting the speed and direction of the wind so as to be able to program the direction and the elevation of the fan to the water jet depending on the requirement.

The Dust Suppression Systems primarily are used in:

  • Quarries;
  • Mines;
  • Steelworks;
  • Construction and demolition works;
  • Stockpile.

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